Welcome to the first step in the Resilient Creative Journey!

We have been getting paid to create things for nearly a decade. Paying our bills, getting to travel to cool places, traveling when we want, taking breaks when we want, hustling when we want. It’s been a crazy ride and we’ve had to navigate several changes and our dreams and goals and vision have shifted throughout this process. But we continue to thrive.

I have talked to and met hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who are doing the same thing so I know it’s not just a fluke or something that is limited to just a select few among us. Nothing special or different about these people. Just normal, everyday people who are making a living on their own getting to do what they want, when they want.

If I know anything about us, creatives, creative entrepreneurs and especially photographers, we don’t have time to think about what we want to be doing. Or even what the steps are to get there. We are so busy finding work, making work, and keeping up with work that we struggle to ask the questions that really matter.

It seems like we need an extra working drive for our brain. One that stores answers to questions like: What kinds of things do you dream about doing? What kind of money do you want to be making in the next two years? What type of client are you trying to attract and is what you’re doing to attract them working? Who’s going to hold me to my goals? Who’s going to remind me of the answers to these questions?

The Resilient Creative Coaching Program is an extra working drive for your over-worked brain.

 I know what it's like to come to the end of each year and look back at the goals you set in January to find that you've veered of track. I know what it's like to see other people doing what you want to be doing and feeling too busy to make any changes to get going.

I also know what it's like to find peace in the freedom and the knowledge that your work is leading towards a clear vision. The fear falls away. The comparison falls away. And you're charging full-steam ahead into the life you want. That's what FREEDOM is all about. 

YOU set the destination, WE HELP WITH THE TRAIL MAP.

choose a guide

This journey doesn't have to be made alone. Many, many people have come before you and having a guide can help you find the right path to start down and keep you on the path as you build your own.

Find A Direction

You already know where you're going. This process is all about putting it into words and putting it into action.


Vision Casting---> Next Steps---> Daily Tasks
I will help you gain clarity and move forward with purpose.


hit your goals

Setting proper goals is a skill. With our proven system for goal setting, we guarantee you help you set goals that get you closer to your vision within the first year. 

So what's your plan?

You are uniquely qualified to blaze your own path. I want to help you craft a vision, break that vision down into an actionable plan, and set and maintain a plan to thrive long term. 

I want to hear about your goals and dreams, your financial goals, ideas you want to execute and I want to help you find the path to get there. I have talked to so many people about exactly this. I have heard story after story of success through the fiery mess of creating. People who are making a living with their art and doing what they want to do; experiencing real freedom can happen and you can have it. 

Does that sound good to you? Having a place to share ideas and get feedback? A one-on-one brainstorm with an outsider’s perspective? Someone to tell you if an idea sucks and how to make it better?

Let's get started!

Coaching Packages range from a 1-hour strategy call to 12-month guidance packages. Choose what you think would be best for you or if you more questions feel free to contact me and I'd love to talk with you!

1-hour strategy calls

These calls are all about finding clarity, providing you with actionable steps to take, and challenging you to design the life you want to build. 

3-6 month coaching program

We get into the real stuff here. I'll help you craft your vision for you life and work and help you set and accomplish goals that are leading you somewhere. 

-1 to 3 In-depth Strategy Calls-
-2 Calibration Calls A Month-
-Priority Email Access-
-Access to Private MasterMind FB Group-

12- month coaching program
(Spots Extremely Limited)