Build Creative Resilience

Every single day people just like you step out into the the ice-cold, choppy waters of creative entrepreneurship. Photographers, designers, writers -- Stand up and say: "This is me.this is what I made." A decision like that requires bravery, grit-- resilience. These traits are not only for a select few, they can be cultivated and learned. That's what were we come into to your story.


Creative entrepreneurs have the unique challenge of being fully responsible for the creation, execution, and support of the things they make and sell. It becomes so much a part of their daily work that they forget why they started this journey in the first place. They forget why they chose this path. - Wouldn't it be easier just to get  pay check somewhere? - 

It usually happens around the 5-7 year mark. You've been doing this for awhile. You've seen the trends come and go and you have ridden the waves of change for awhile. But all of the sudden you look up and you don't know what comes next. Maybe you do start questioning if it's worth the trouble. Or maybe you start to think about making a shift into something new. But you don't. You become paralysed by the possiblity that you might be wrong and if you're wrong, you could lose everything. 

The problem with this thought process is not the success or failure of your new project or your old ones, it's that have forgotten where you're going. And somewhere along the way you have become blind to the possibilities of a pivot that might take you there for fear of losing what you've built. THIS FEAR STOPS PEOPLE FROM MAKING THINGS THEY WERE MEANT TO MAKE. 

Get out of your comfort zone

The fear of starting the new thing is 10x more palpable than the fear of starting the first thing. It's the fear of starting again. Starting something after you've already started something else. THAT fear is heavy. It seems bigger somehow and the worst part is, we listen too it far too often.

I blame comfort for this. And if we can get used being uncomftable again if we can get used to getting out of our comfort zone, then we can be more ok with change. And the more ok with change we become the more resilient we become. Because we know we can keep going, no matter what.